Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tea Bag

I'm happy to announce the second pattern in my Tea Time pattern series, the Tea Bag.

For how often I drink tea, I was surprised the first time I actually looked at the anatomy of a tea bag. The traditional tea bag is folded at the bottom so it actually has two separate pockets for tea. I thought that this clever construction would be wonderful for a little knit bag with two hidden inner pockets. And then I couldn't resist making the pockets just large enough to store a few tea bags.

The bag is made from KnitPicks City Tweed DK, Snowshoe and Toad colorways, on size 5 needles. Beyond City Tweed's incredible softness, I love how the pattern's seed stitch plays up the texture of the yarn. It's truly wonderful stuff.

As with all my Tea Time patterns, this pattern comes with tea tips and a recipe. The tips focus on brewing a great cup of tea when you are away from home and the recipe is for 'little rascals'--well-loved biscuits from Teddy Roosevelt's time in the White House.

You can purchase the Tea Bag pattern through Ravelry, as well as find more information there, or you can purchase it directly with this link for $3.50.

Questions? Contact me at brineydeepdesigns_at_gmail_dot_com!

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ChelleC said...

That is totally adorable. Great design. Will check it out over on Ravelry.