Saturday, November 11, 2006

Darn Sock!

I finished my Jaywalkers last Friday and took them for their first test run on Saturday. They are fabulous. I have never had a pair of socks that are so comfortable (it's the Merino).

I got home Saturday afternoon, took off my shoes and saw this:

Now I have to mend the hole that my big feet put in my beautiful sock. I've been too dissapointed to mend the hole, or even to write this blog about it. The sock is still sitting in my craft basket, waiting to be darned. I'll get there someday.

Now that the Jaywalkers are off the needles, I've been doing a lot of spinning for lack of a better project. My next project will be to make a hat for Andy as a Christmas gift. I am going out to buy the yarn this afternoon with my friend Jane, and will probably spend the next week swatching patterns.

And speaking of shopping with my new knitting friend, my housemate's girlfriend is hosting a knitting night tomorrow night at her apartment. I'm glad to have knitter friends, because I feel like I have been a solitary knitter since moving to Madison. Hooray for knitting circles!

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