Friday, December 14, 2007


I have been thinking a lot lately about this blog and what content I want to present here. The internet is full of wonderful knitting blogs and I feel that my contributions to this community have been mediocre thus far. 'She Knits It' simply lacks focus as a knitting blog and, despite being an updated version of my first knitting blog, it never really fit.

These concerns were prompted by my desire to share some of my patterns with other knitters. They are not new ideas, but have gained momentum in the recent week as I am starting to jot down notes for my first pattern. I was in the midst of this writing when a Ravelry user asked if I was going to write up something for a previous, unrelated project. I was completely flattered that someone expressed interest in the things that I make and decided right then to take steps toward building a better blog and putting out my own patterns. So thank you ForestStryfe for being my spark.

And now, may I present Briney Deep Designs.

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