Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rippling Away The Blues

Thank goodness it is the end of February. While it is the shortest month, it always seems to be my least favorite. Poor February, it can't help its place as the last full month of winter--the month that everyone gets sick of the cold and just plain sick. The combination of cold and snow, along with a busy work schedule, gave me the February blues this week. Though it turned out to be nothing that a little sunshine, a mug of tea, and cozying up in my ripple blanket couldn't cure.

I made this little afghan almost two years ago, when the ripple craze swept the internet. At that time, it seemed like you couldn't look at any crafter's blog without seeing yet another of these afghans. As the pattern was so simple and yielded such cute results, I could not help but start one myself. For yarn, I used blue and green oddballs and scraps from my stash. Unfortunately, I only had enough to make a small lapghan, though it has served me well enough over the past two years.

So there I was this morning, sitting on the couch underneath my big picture window soaking up the sun--just me and my small ripple (and the mug of tea, of course)--when I realized that I must have accrued more blue and green yarn scraps in the two years since I worked on this blanket. A little digging through my scrap bag proved this to be true and I decided it was time to expand the ripple into a properly sized afghan.

I don't know how much farther I will get on this before my current yarn runs out. It is possible that this will become the never-ending project, usable but always waiting for more yarn to be truly finished. I do know that I am really enjoying to crochet each additional stripe; it is an easy pattern and the frequent turns keep it entertaining. So even if I do run out of yarn a while from now, it promises an enjoyable crochet experience in another two years.

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