Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Feet

One of my absolute favorite knitted items is my pair of felted ballet slippers, which are based off this Fiber Trends pattern. The depth of my love for these slippers is evident by the fact that I'm on my second pair because I constantly wear them around the house. Sadly, this pair is nearing the end of its life and is starting to develop holes on the undersides. While I expect to make another pair very soon, I'm trying out a different slipper pattern in the meantime:

These are the Not-so-tiny Slippers from the recently released Whimsical Little Knits 3 (discussed in my previous blog post). The pattern is extremely similar to Tiny Shoes (blogged here) from WLK1 but has added short rows to account for the larger length-to-width ratio of adult feet. Like the baby version, the adult pattern rides the line between simple and complicated, while still being a quick knit--my favorite kind of pattern.

In terms of wear, I honestly think I prefer a more structured, felted slipper. While I have larger feet (US 10) and knit the largest size, I'm concerned that these slippers will stretch over time and eventually won't stay on my feet. Still, they're a pretty adorable alternative to wearing holey slippers so I will be keeping them around.

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lunaticraft said...

Oooooh, love those!