Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Final Countdown

I'm two days away from being done with my craziest semester ever and, while I still have several things left to do, my mind is already sliding toward holiday break. For example, I should be studying for my databases final right now but all I really want to do is knit my Sherilyn shawl and read The Manhattan Projects (my latest geeky obsession).

I've actually had a bit of time to work on Sherilyn this week: I completed a whole 6 rows. Seeing as I'm in the middle of the third chart and there are now over 250 stitches per row, this is no mean feat. I'm right at the point where the rows are so long that I wonder why knitting a large lace shawl was a good idea. Thankfully, I'm so close to the end of the shawl that this phase will not last very long.

In other crafting news, all of my craft supplies were moved to Milwaukee last weekend in preparation for moving the rest of my stuff there this weekend. While moving is always a pain, I'm really looking forward to living under the same roof as my husband again. Just one more reason I can't wait for this semester to be over!

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