Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Mending By Machine

I feel like all I've been doing on this blog since April is gushing over my new sewing machine, but seriously guys, my Janome is awesome! I played with another new-to-me feature recently - the mending stitch - and was again highly pleased with the results.

I experimented with machine mending on a dress with an L-shape rip in the button band. The mending process itself was really simple: iron a square of interfacing onto the back of the rip then run the mending stitch over the rip to stabilize the area. Honestly, the hardest part was sewing the button back on.

I'm excited to add machine mending to my make-do-and-mend repertoire - it's just another bonus of finally using 21st century sewing technology!


Mary R said...

Huh. I think you might have convinced me to get a machine. I can't even tell you about the terrible amount of mending I have (and that I never get to). I have a terrible habit of snagging my clothes on all the nailheads poking out of doors. That or the striker plate of door locks.

Kristin said...

I'm obviously in love with my machine and would recommend one to everyone, but I admittedly do a fair bit of sewing. Still, I'm finding myself much more inclined to sew than when I had my old machine. A nice sewing machine is an investment, but the ease with which I can sew small projects has definitely made it a good investment.