Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Now that I have free time again, I've been doing some improvements around the house. For example, last week I hung curtains in the front room and fixed the couch covers. The curtains are a nice addition, but it's the couch covers that I'm particularly proud of. This is because they previously looked like this or worse on a regular basis:

And now they look like this on a regular basis:

The difference is yard-long stripes of elastic that run behind the cushions, anchoring the cover in place. I sewed the elastic at the top of the cover, in the middle, and again at the bottom so it keeps a good hold on each cushion. So now when I get on and off the couch, the cover stays in place.

Using my crafting skills to fix a failing in a commercial object always makes me feel like a crafting genius. Add this to the fact that the couch covers might now actually protect our sofas from puppy abuse, means that I'm feeling pretty brilliant right now. Sewing skills for the win!

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