Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wait! Those aren't knitting needles...

Well, the finger knitting mentioned in the previous post turned out to be a very cool technique. Cool and quick enough to make a long, thin scarf out of some spare yarn in one sitting. The result is nothing extraordinary, but I bet that I get some use out of the scarf once winter hits Madison.

In addition to using my fingers to create fabric, I have recently learned to, gasp, crochet! I've been knitting for over four years now, so it is about time that I learned a thing or two about crochet. Thus far, I can chain and single crochet, which is enough for me. What really inspired me to learn was a pattern for a cute little round clutch in the book One Skein. So I broke out the only crochet hook I own (the one I use to fix my knitting mistakes), a handful of my Kool Aid-dyed yarn, and flipped to the section on crochet in my Stitch 'n Bitch book. After knitting, it was easy to get the hang of crocheting and I am well on my way to having a little round clutch!

Slowly, but surely, I am attacking my stash. Even if it means resorting to crochet!

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