Monday, September 18, 2006

I Just Finished Some More Yarn!

Normally, I would be in be at this time of the night, but since I have nothing better to do on Sunday at 11pm, I did some more spinning. At the latest count, I am up to three (yes, the number 3) balls of handspun. I don't have a lot of roving at this point in time, so each is only 30-50 yards. I plan to aquire more roving soon, but only after I knit some of this yarn that I have recently purchased.

Anyway, the balls of yarn are shown below. From the left: the two ply shown in a recent post, the single ply blend of magenta and purple (still a little too twisty), and a double ply thick/thin combo with two shades of purple. I'm very happy with each of them and I can't wait to knit with them soon!

I'm still working on Andy's socks, but I broke down and told him what I'm doing. It makes getting his measurements much easier. That, and he finally lets me knit in his presence. Apparently he needs ALL of my attention when we're together, unless I am making him something. Silly boys.

Sock #1 is almost done (except for the heel, of course).

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