Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back to Beading

Beading was my thing as a kid. I remember taking summer school art classes in beading and eventually making at least a hundred different necklaces before my enthusiasm for this craft dwindled. So I was pleasantly surprise when my DH got me some beads for my birthday. (I actually ruined his original idea by buying a set of martini glasses two weeks before my special day. Oops!)

The beads were dark green, shaped like little tildes, and there were just enough of them to make a necklace. So after a little trip to JoAnn's and a dig through my craft closet, I came up with all of the supplies necessary to make this:

Making this necklace reminded me of how much I loved this hobby and how many beads I still have, squirreled away in the closet. Perhaps one day, after I am out of grad school, I will get back to beading.

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