Saturday, November 22, 2008


I started thinking about the c-word this week. I'm usually a strict no-c*******s-before-thanksgiving kind of person, but, as I usually make some of my gifts, I need to plan ahead. Considering I was knitting socks for my parents in September last year, I think that I am doing pretty well this time around.

Anyway, it was craft week over at casa Briney Deep. I won't be knitting a lot of gifts this year, so I was testing out a couple other crafty ideas I found around the net.

The first idea that I am madly in love with is homemade notepads. I swear that everyone I know is going to get one of these in their stocking this year. It was a small investment to buy the padding compound, but I'll get a least a hundred of these super cute pads out of it. I've got a bunch of great ideas for these little guys.

And for the lucky few who are getting knitted gifts, these fabric labels will let them know they were hand knit by me. A simple combination of twill tape and printable, iron-on transfers, these labels were much less expensive than other custom labels I have seen. And I'm really happy with the look that my pinking sheers gave the edges.

Next week, it's back to knitting!

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