Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Little Spinning Project: Conclusion

I finally got over the trauma of cutting my knitting and got around to finishing my little spinning project this week. I knitted the button band onto my cowl, steamed it, and sewed on some buttons. I'm pretty pleased with the results, though I'm not sure how much wear this will really get.

With the 'warm' skein all used up, I turned my attention to its 'cool' partner. I found it difficult to choose a project for this skein, so I ended up making a small bag in simple seed stitch. Lining it and adding a ribbon closure went a long way towards adding interest in the final product.

Perhaps what I am most happy with is how the striping came out. Though not apparent when wound into skeins, the two skeins were constructed with complementary striping patterns. Laying the final projects next to each other, they look like half siblings as opposed to twins. Each is unique but similar themes are found.

Overall, I would say that I am mildly happy the final products, but am very happy with how the things progressed as a whole. I really tried to be guided by the fiber and let it be an organic process, which is not the typical way that I approach my knitting. However, this intuitive process of turning the roving into yarn into knitting was really rewarding and something I am sure to do again!

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