Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Out Of Dodge

Despite all of Madison's new-found sunshine, I have been feeling very uninspired recently. I can't seem to cast on anything besides 2x2 ribbed socks and have very limited enthusiasm for the lace shawl that has been on my needles for almost a full year. Coupled with a less-than-stellar week at work, it could only mean that a mini-vacation was desperately needed.

So I jetted off to DC this weekend to meet up with some of my best college friends. We caught up, laughed at inside jokes, and I even managed to knit on a sock while enjoying a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. A 1x1 rib sock, that is! It's not a big step towards inspiration, but every little bit counts.

And to add to my happiness upon returning to Wisconsin, I found that my Bike Helmet Earmuffs got a little mention on WhipUp.net. Woot!

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