Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Professional

We’ve been making some big life decisions this month, culminating in my husband’s acceptance of a job over in Milwaukee. He’ll be starting sometime in the summer but I’ll be staying in Madison through the end of the calendar year finishing up most of my graduate coursework. It’s not ideal, but it’s one of the better outcomes for two people with too many degrees trying to find jobs on different schedules.

I’m not ready to look for jobs myself, but that hasn’t stopped me from starting to think about the process. One thing I’ve slowly been working on in this arena is to stop looking like a grad student. Part of this is involves phasing professional clothing into my wardrobe and another part encompasses learning how to do things with my hair that aren’t putting it into a ponytail. Pinterest has been very helpful in this regard, pointing me to these great hairstyling tutorials. The other fun hair resource I’ve come across is a neat book called Vintage Hairstyling.

I’m kind of in love with this book. Not only does it teach you the basics of curling hair using several different methods (pincurls, wet set, hot rollers, etc), but it then walks you through using those techniques to recreate hairstyles from the 20’s through the 60’s. The book covers everything from finger waves, to victory rolls, to beehives. For someone like me who never really learned how to curl and style hair, it’s a great resource and I’m having fun trying things out like the 1930’s hairstyle I’m wearing in the first photo.

Don't worry, I’m obviously doing more than just playing with my hair and wardrobe to get ready for the job hunt, but I didn’t think you would like to read a blog post on crafting a resume or cover letter. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry much about that stuff quite yet, as I have some time before I will be applying for jobs. Still, it’s exciting to plan now that we finally know where we will be living next!


Bronwen said...

Fun! Now I'm (almost) regretting cutting off my long curly hair a few years ago. And I sympathize greatly on the job search front - FWIW several of the (excellent) posts over on the Hiring Librarians blog (have you seen it? It's awesome) mention confidence, poise and appearance as key factors in hiring decisions, so I don't think you need to feel at all guilty about your activities! Me, when I'm revving up to do something like a job app, I usually bake, as I did this weekend

(PS I'm not some weird stalker - I followed you here from Ravelry in the Ravelibrarians group).

Kristin said...


Not weird stalker at all. I love clicking through people's Rav bios to see their blogs!

I will admit that my recent discovery and love of the Hiring Librarians blog has served as justification for buying better clothes and taking time to look presentable each day. I know it's not everything, but it does matter.


PS. I saw from your blog that you recently moved to Madison. Hi neighbor!

JennaKate said...

Just jumping out from lurker status to say - my husband and I did the same thing when I was in my last semester of grad school. I stayed in Duluth while he moved to central MN for a job - on our 6 month wedding anniversary! It all worked out fine and we even live in the same house now :) congrats on your husband's job!

Kristin said...


My husband and I spent a year apart while we were dating, he was in Madison and I was in central Indiana, so I know that we can do a few months apart. Still, I'm looking forward to living in the same house again, like you said. I'm glad to know that you made it through the separation okay and I hope we will too!