Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wire Wrapping

I have a tendency to be an obsessive crafter. I get really interested in one technique, buy some supplies, and churn out lots of projects in a short amount of time before moving onto the next technique. For example, at the beginning of 2012 I was in the middle of a sewing obsession and now I've moved onto wire wrapping. This latest obsession is fulled by my enrollment in Craftsy's wire-wrapping class, as discussed in my last post. While this behavior may not be the best for my crafting or my wallet, I see it is as acting while the inspiration is fresh!

My inspiration led me to the creation of 2 necklaces this week. The first (above) is a simple combination of a large silver key and a silver chain connected by some wire-wrapped glass beads. The necklace is simple but dramatic, with the 3 inch key balanced by a 30 inch chain length. I just love its oversized nature and I expect it will wear nicely with many outfits.

The second necklace was inspired by a design I've seen on Etsy several times: the wire-wrapped bird's nest. I found instructions for the design in this great tutorial and was fortunate that it required the same material as for my Craftsy class. It's the perfect reminder that it's finally springtime in Wisconsin.

With the two necklaces finished, I've got my eyes on some earring designs. Expect to hear about those very soon, as I've still in the throes of wire-wrapping fever!


Desiree said...

Wow very impressive!

Kristin said...


Thanks! One of the things I've learned about wire wrapping is that it looks awesome but isn't that challenging to do. You should try it sometime!