Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On the Road

Husband and I traveled to Lake Erie this weekend to take my parents on a mini-vacation. We rented a cottage and toured the Marblehead/Port Clinton/Put-in-Bay area in Ohio for a couple days (for those not familiar with Ohio geography, that's near Cedar Point). Poor husband had to put up with my family being, well, themselves for the weekend, if you see what I mean:

I at least had a lot of fun. :)

One of my favorite parts of the trip was simply walking along the beach and soaking my feet in the lake. There is something very relaxing about being around large bodies of water.

The trip did include some knitting, but it's the super-secret project for my college friend. It will eventually be featured in full on the blog, but not until next month at the earliest.

This is about all I'm willing to show at the moment, for fear of sharing too much. At least I'm back home to my sewing machine, so I can make progress on some not-so-secret projects; it really is easier to blog about things you can actually show off.

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