Tuesday, May 01, 2012

One Seam at a Time

I'm finally making progress this week on those darts I blogged about a month ago. After a couple calculations, I ripped them out and made them half the original size, which seems to be working out well. I'm also making progress on the project that those darts are attached to: a dress (specifically Vogue 8280). I've got most of the top finished and am now working on the sleeves.

Oh those sleeves! Between the flanges, the pleats, the gathers, and the lining, these sleeves are decidedly fiddly. I don't know how a pattern rated 'Easy' can be this fiddly. It makes me apprehensive about eventually tackling an 'Average' or 'Advanced' pattern. Still, I'm taking things one step at a time and trying to learn as I go.

What's been really helpful in calming my fears is reading the book 'Sew Everything Workshop', which I picked up from the library. The book covers everything a beginner should know about sewing and, even though some of it is old material for me, I've found it incredibly helpful. As a bonus, the book contains several cute and simple patterns in the back, so I might have make one or two to keep practicing my sewing skills.

I'm looking forward to having more time to work on this dress once my semester ends next week. Between finishing this dress and making the next one (I already have the fabric picked out), this might just turn out to be the summer of sewing. But I have to finish up my final projects for school first.


Melissa said...

Hi Kristin! You might remember me in real life...Mary Rasbach from DG? Anyway, I wanted to tell you I found your blog in a search for a knitting pattern for a jar cozy to aid in my yogurt making endeavors! You could have scraped my jaw off the floor when I browsed some of your other posts, saw a picture of you, and realized that "Briney" was you!

So hello! Your blog is incredible, and I'm so glad life is treating you well!

Kristin said...


It's so good to hear from you! I can't help but think it's a small internet that you stumbled across my blog.

How are you doing? Is life treating you well? Things here are really good, though I'm looking forward to being out of school (finally) by this time next year.

It's so good to hear from you. I hope your yogurt making goes well!