Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pockets Full of Peonies

I started and finished a dress last week, which I think is record time for me. It helped that the pattern, Peony, is rated 'Beginner' and has very few pieces. This project is winning on multiple levels: I learned some new techniques during construction (putting in pockets and using an invisible zipper) and I absolutely adore the final dress. Peony is definitely a pattern I will be returning to.

The best part about remaking this pattern will be tweaking it to be perfect for me. In my next version, I will take in the sleeves a bit and add a couple inches to the hem. These are very minor changes to an already-wonderful pattern. I mean, how can a dress with pockets not be wonderful?

I love Peony so much that I'm actually planning on using the pattern to help re-work the skirt in my next project. I will be making the long version of the Lonsdale dress out of the above cotton print and I don't think that the fullness of the skirt will work well with fabric that doesn't have a lot of drape. So between the Peony pattern, the Lonsdale pattern, and measurements from a couple of maxi dresses I already own, I'm going to make my first attempt at altering a pattern. Wish me luck!

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