Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bangle Cozies

Now that I have fully recovered from the Christmas sock-knitting mayhem and an early January birthday deadline, I think that it is about time to share this little whimsy with you. For lack of any stellar ideas for my sister's Christmas gift this year, I turned to that beloved of all gift-giving sources: knitting. I needed a small project that would be cute, yet wearable in the warm Southern California weather. The result looked something like this:

I have seen pictures of knit-covered bangles before, but as such things rarely get bookmarked, I decided that I would whip up a few of my own design. After some experimentation with yarns and stitch patterns, I finally came up with what you see below--a seed-stitch bangle and a garter-stitch bangle. Two simple, yet sophisticated accessories.

I am increasingly amazed by the range of shapes you can create ad hoc, given a little patience and a healthy dose of frogging. So when I start knitting toilet paper roll covers, please stop me. My husband will appreciate it.