Monday, October 17, 2016

WI Sheep and Wool

I made it to Wisconsin Sheep and Wool last month, this time accompanied by this little guy. He was such a trooper while Mom shopped, caught up with knitting friends, and watched sheepdog trials. The sheepdog trials were particularly great as we watched in the afternoon instead of our usual morning viewing and got to see the more experienced dogs. Nothing is better than watching dogs herd.

I vowed to be good this year and told myself I did not need any more yarn or fiber. That resolution lasted until I hit the Fiber Optic booth. I'm so addicted that I immediately spotted the new gradients Kimber had available this year. I could not resist picking up a new Wild Thyme fiber pack (mine is more muted in color than the photo) and this Damson-to-Gold gradient made of merino-tencel. I just love the look of the tencel in the braid and couldn't resist it.

I've actually already spun up the Wild Thyme gradient. I pulled out my Louet S10 wheel and made approximately DK weight singles. It was very pleasant to spend a couple evenings with my wheel, especially as I've been mostly spinning on a spindle in the last year.

Overall it was a nice day trip and I'm really glad baby was laid back about everything. WI Sheep and Wool is one of my favorite fall traditions.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Wow does having a baby decimate craft time. It's not that I haven't been crafting, it's that I'm making less with even less time to blog about it. However, as I just returned from vacation, I've got plenty of new photos and a few worth are sharing here.

Since we were in Hawaii, this trip was the last chance to wear light clothing before returning to Wisconsin's crisp fall weather. In particular, I broke out this lovely shirt which I've been meaning to blog about:

This is a Scout Tee in a cotton voile, which is a pretty heavenly combo. It's light weight, easy to wear, and was easy to sew. I love this tee so much that I really want to make another (the highest praise you can give a pattern). Here I am wearing this shirt with my handsewn super wide-legged pants:

Happily, I have some new fabric that will probably fit the bill! I picked up all of this fabric at the local swap meet. I was incredibly excited to find a booth that sold fabric and did my best to limit myself to 10 yards (3 yards of the right three prints and 1 yard of the leftmost).

I'm thinking that the leftmost pattern would make another lovely Scout, especially given its small yardage, and the other three may become dresses. All of this is pending actual craft time, of course. In the meantime, I have lovely fabric to admire.