Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mauve "Summer" Harriet

I finished bra #13 in January. This one is the summer twin of the mauve velvet Harriet I finished in December. It's probably my prettiest bra yet.

I'm getting pretty good at whipping out Harriet bras. The one thing I still need to work on is the tension on the clear elastic at the top of the cup in the lace version. The velvet version fits great through the cup but this lace version muffins a bit. Live and learn, I guess.

With so many Harriets (4), I'm ready to tackle a new bra pattern. I already have the pattern in mind and bras 14 and 15 in the queue.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

2018 in Review

2018 was definitely the year of the bra in my crafting life. I made 12 (!!!) bras, so roughly one bra per month. I started on my first bra ever in January:

By December, I had upped my skills to make this wonderfully fancy velvet underwire bra:

I feel pretty good about my bra-making skills and I look forward to making more lingerie in 2019. I already have one more Harriet bra almost complete.

I also sewed a few non-bras in 2018, including a toddler bucket hat2 Astoria sweaters, a Jenna skirt, and a Tacara top. My favorite of these is the Jenna skirt, which I am wearing a lot right now.

On the knitting front, I finished an Owl sweater for the toddler and made a pair of fun fingerless mitts from yarn I bought at this year's Wisconsin Sheep & Wool festival. Neither project made it onto the blog until now because that's just the type of year it was.

My biggest work-in-progress was finished in October:

This little lady is going to mean an interesting 2019. I'm hoping to find time to sneak away and craft this year, if only to finish that bra and a sewing project I made the husband for Christmas that just needs buttons and button holes. I'll keep you posted on any finished objects. Happy New Year!