Tuesday, February 05, 2019


And here is bra #14. With the numbers getting so high, it's probably good this one was a gift.

This is my first Darcey Bra, a pattern by Evie la Luve. After making several bras, this one was pretty straightforward to assemble. I did have to make the back wider as I only had a 3-row hook and eye instead of the prescribed 2-row, though this was an easy modification.

This was also the first time I used fold-over elastic. I like how it looks but need to be more careful when I apply it. I missed grabbing the lining with the outer fabric in one area and had to make a visible fix to sew the lining down. In the future, I'll probably hand-baste the fabric layers together before I apply this type of elastic to make sure everything stays in place.

Overall, I like this pattern. It's always nice when you can assemble a bra so that the seams are self-contained (something this shares in common with the Romy bra). The one downside is, as this was a gift, I have no idea about the fit. I guess I will just have to make one for myself and find out!

I hope this bra works well for its recipient and she enjoys a non-boring nursing bra.