Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let it Snow!

I woke up on Saturday morning to discover a winter wonderland had sprung up overnight. It's only a of couple inches, but considering it's a week before Christmas, this snow is long overdue. It wouldn't be Wisconsin if it didn't snow from December through March.

Along with the first snow of the season, I put my bicycle away for the year and checked on the status of my heavy winter gear. My hats, gloves, scarves, and long johns passed muster, but my mittens are in a sorry state. As I wear the mittens over the gloves, it is important that I have a hole-less pair to keep my fingers cozy this winter.

I'm looking forward to knitting myself a new pair after I finished the Christmas knitting. And can I say how challenging it is to write blog posts in December because of said holiday knitting? Quite challenging. There is so much going on but so little to talk about! I'm looking forward to showing off those projects after the holidays, along with, hopefully, a new pair of mittens.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Catalog

Between the craziness of end of the semester projects and preparation for the holidays, my craft area exploded this week. I'm a little embarrassed to show you all just how bad it is.

To be fair, it's only this bad because my usual craft storage area was displaced by my early Christmas gift, this lovely piece of furniture:

The main library at my university is retiring the last of its card catalogs and they're all going up for sale at the university surplus shop. I'm lucky to own this little piece of university history, especially because I've wanted a card catalog for a long time. Plus, I now have new storage space for my craft supplies and other items.

So in addition to homework and shopping, I now have to find time to reorganize my craft supplies. And I'm hoping to find some time in there to actually craft! Thank goodness I'll have some days off over the holidays.