Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Living in Madison, Wisconsin has taught me to appreciate the Spring in a way I never knew before. The season comes a couple weeks later that it does in my home state of Ohio, and, together with the fact that Fall ends a couple weeks earlier, makes the end of Winter a momentous occasion here. Everyone in Madison flees outdoors in an effort to soak up all of the sunshine and fresh air that they have missed in the last few months.

I usually mark the transition of the seasons by spending an afternoon knitting outside.

I welcomed the springtime this year by working on a Baby Surprise Jacket out of leftover wool from my Walking Stripes. The garter stitch rows provided a simple backdrop to the birdsongs and the soft clatter of my husband and a friend fixing a bike. I wish there was a bike that you could ride and knit at the same time; but until that happens, I guess that I will just have to celebrate spring by knitting out on the deck.

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