Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crafts On My Mind

Since I'm devoting all of my knitting time to the cardigan, I thought I would share some of the other crafty things that I have been thinking about recently:

Needle Felting

I just purchased a Clover 5-needle felting tool and am having lots of fun using it on my small stash of felt. I'm amazed at how incredibly simple and quick it is to fuse felt pieces together (and even put felt onto other fabrics). The hardest part about making the flower pin below was actually cutting everything out! I'm excited to explore the other things I can do with this tool.

For more info on needle felting, here's a nice tutorial from Betz White.


I think that I'm on a mission to learn about all of the fiber arts. Having just crossed off weaving and needle felting, I'm ready to tackle embroidery with a little help from Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching. I just picked up her Stitch-it Kit and can't wait to get started!

An Inspiring Book

And lastly, I thought that I would share a very cool book that I found recently, My Favorite Felt Sweets. It is a Japanese (translated) booklet on making plush desserts out of felt. Even if I never make anything out of this book, it's worth having it as eye candy!

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zakkalife said...

Isn't this book the best; I own it too. I've made quite few things from it,macaroons, strawberry cake, madeleine cookie, and more. Some of the small ones I made ornaments out of.