Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I'm designing a shawlette pattern at the moment. I realized after knitting three Ishbels (one, two, three) and two Damsons (one, two), that maybe I needed a new shawlette pattern to knit. So I decided to design one.

I chose a stitch with both garter and lace and added a simple ruffle boarder because I wanted a very textured look. For some reason, texture in a shawl seems very rustic and comforting to me and makes me want to wrap the cloth around my neck and shoulders.

Unfortunately, wrapping the fabric only around my neck is the best way to wear my shawl at the moment because I screwed up the paired increases. I was looking to make the charts easier, but it came at the expense of the overall shape of the shawl. I'm a little embarassed to show the next photo--it's just too deep in the back and I should have seen it coming.

So for now, I fold my first attempt in half and wear it like a scarf. Back to the charts I go and hopefully I will have a nice little shawlette pattern to share with you all soon!


dillpickle said...

I like where this is heading!

Elizabeth said...

Ha - I did that with the triangular shawl I designed last summer-- except that one wound up with, like, 4 sides. It was pretty funny and sad to look at.

Madeline said...

Oooh, this is pretty. The colour is amazing, and I <3 the pattern- the look of it.

Unknown said...

Girl even with the "mistake" I think is awesome that you design your own patterns. This one is starting to look great... I love shawlettes and I can't wait to knit one of your shawl designs!