Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There is Something in the Air

It hit 60 degrees today in Madison, Wisconsin and it's only March 16th. I'm really trying to take advantage of this weather before it starts snowing again (because in Wisconsin, it inevitably will). For instance, I went on a long ride this weekend on my brand new road bike. It was so wonderful!

I really do think that there is something in the air right now, or at least the water, because these hints of Springtime are also bringing news of many babies-to-come. My friend J had the first announcement and in the last month I've heard of another 5 babies that are due this year to friends of me and my husband. What's amazing is that as of November last year, I had zero friends with children!

So the baby knitting is about to kick into high gear. I have a few pairs of booties on hand, but will definitely need to make more. Luckily, I just finished off a baby surprise jacket that's been sitting around my apartment for over a year. This is the same BSJ that heralded in last Spring and it's finished just in time to hand over to some expecting friends.

As for the jacket itself, I omitted the original button band and opted for some i-cord bows because I ran out of yarn. I think that both sides of this jacket are very cute, so this closure ensures that the jacket is reversible. This modification might be a nice way to add a little variety to the small pile of BSJs I'm planning to knit in the near future.

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