Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spinning My Wheels

I just got back from spending the past week in Ohio with my folks and have enough time at home to catch my breath before I head out to a wedding in Seattle this weekend. Luckily, I didn't finish either of the two knitting projects I packed for the Ohio trip, so I will have something to work on during the plane rides.

I did, however, finish spinning and plying the fiber I packed. These two skeins are entirely spindle-spun and were even Navajo-plied on my spindle, the first time I've produced skeins using that plying technique. Navajo-plying is also called chain-plying as you basically make a crochet chain with long loops, resulting in a three-ply yarn. The outcome of this technique is short, solid-color sections in the skein, which is different than what you get with your usual two-ply yarn.

And even though I spun up all the fiber I took to Ohio, somehow I managed to come home with a whole trash bag full of roving! The photo above is really just the tip of the iceberg, as I have over 1.5 pounds of this Romney/Mohair blend--enough for an entire sweater. My mother split half of a fleece with a friend, and not being a big spinner, was generous enough to give me half of her lot. I really do have the best mother in the world.

So between all of this fiber and the stuff I got at the Alpaca Festival, I guess I need to get spinning!


yarnpiggy said...

Spin like the wind, grasshopper. :o)

That handspun is gorgeous!

sara said...

Pretty little clouds sitting in a basket.

Unknown said...

hey! I found you from the ravenclaw blog - I'm anastaciaknits at ravelry. Stopped by your blog to say hi & was delighted to see mention of spindling! I've just started spinning up again after my first spindle got busted about 30 seconds after I bought it :/. Do you have any links to any good places where I could see chain plying on a spindle? Thanks!

Kristin said...

Anastacia - Nice to see outside of the Tower!

I don't have any good link recommendations (besides the one on Navajo plying in my post), but I do have two good book recommendations: 'Respect the Spindle' by Abby Franquemont and 'Spin Control' by Amy King. I found both to be helpful to a relatively new spinner and the first one focuses exclusively on spindling.

Have fun spinning!