Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Pattern: Fairy Lights

I love sudden flashes of inspiration. The type that makes you put down everything else and create this genius thing you've just dreamed up. This hat is one of those ideas. I'm not sure exactly where it came from, but last week a slouchy pixie hat seemed like the best idea in the world. Kind of wacky, yes, but also really cute. And since it wasn't too difficult to make, I'm sharing the pattern notes with you!

I'm calling it the Fairy Lights hat, but secretly I refer to it as 'slouchy in front, pixie in back'.

To make one, you'll need:
- 1 skein of Cascade 220 (220 yards, worsted weight)
- A set of US 7 / 4.5 mm double points
- 3 stitch markers

The finished hat measures 22 inches around with a gauge of 22 st/28 rows = 4 inches in stockinette.

CO 96 st. Join to knit in the round, being careful not to twist.

Mark the beginning of the round with a stitch marker

Hat Band:
Work in (K1, P1) for 1 inch.

Main Section:
Work (K2, M1) 18 times, then knit to end of round. 114 stitches total.

Knit even for 4 inches, or until the hat measures 5 inches from the brim.

(Knit 38, place marker) twice, knit to end of round.

Crown Decreases:
Row 1: (SSK, K to 2 st before next marker, K2tog) three times.
Row 2: Knit.

Repeat these two rows until there are 6 st left, ending with row 1.

K2tog until 1 stitch remains. Cut yarn and pull through the loop.

Weave in ends and pretend to be a pixie (or even a gnome)!


RoseInBloom said...

Don't know whether I don't know this because I'm not an Aussie, or because I'm just not that experienced, but what does M1 stand for?

Kristin said...

'M1' stands for 'make one'.

You can make one stitch in a few ways: by putting a backward loop on your needle, by knitting into the back of a stitch after you have knit it normally (makes 2 stitches from what was previously one stitch), or by lifting up the bar between two stitches and knitting it through the back of the loop.

Any of these methods should work to 'make one' in this pattern.

canngil said...

how many stitches do you think we we would need to add to make it about 27" around?

Kristin said...

I would cast on 24 stitches more (a total of 120) to make the hat 27 inches around. That should add just over 4 inches to the circumference, but keep the math right for the decreases.

ThingsTreasured said...

Hey! You got featured on Whipup!

Hope said...

OMG, that's adorable. I found your blog through whip up. It's awesome!! Keep up the good work :) said...

Aww, this is darling! I just clicked over from WhipUp. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.

Kristin said...

Rachel, you are certainly welcome to link to the pattern. I would love to be up on one of your awesome DIY roundups!

Onica said...

The craft world is a small place when you see your friends on other blogs!!! (Linked through oneprettything!)

Kate said...

Love love love!

I have some gorgeous heathered purple 220 that I've been saving and I am TOTALLY using it for this.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Row 1: (SSK, K to 2 st before next marker, K2tog) three times.

Do you decrease twice? once two stitches before marker and once after the marker?