Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Knitting Around Town

My hometown of Madison, WI is a pretty cool place. Located on an isthmus between two lakes, it's a small city with all of the big-city amenities. Nowhere else can you ride your bike to the country's largest farmers' market in the morning, watch a sailboat race in the afternoon, and end the night by enjoying some of the finest locally-made beer and cheese curds. Oh, and I should mention the knitting.

Madison has a HUGE local knitters' guild, but as I've mentioned that in a previous post, I want to show off some really neat knitting that I've seen recently around town. The first is the bus-shelter cozy which was created by the UW School of Human Ecology. It's located on State Street, just a few blocks from the capital, and I know that its bright colors must be turning lots of heads. Personally, I think that such a unique knitting project in a high-traffic area is a great idea!

The other knitting I espied was at the new Madison Children's Museum, which I took my family and in-laws to when they were in town for my PhD defense. The second-story wall of the museum is home to this neat knitted tandem bike. There is obviously a bike frame under there but almost all of its surfaces are covered in wool. It makes me wonder what I could do with the tandem bike hubby and I ride.

Finally, though it's not knitting-related, I want to put in a good word for the local fabric shop Stitcher's Crossing. I'm really excited about my 'PhD quilt' idea and just purchased a bunch of cute fabric from this shop (almost everything in the photo is from this shop except for the fabric at the middle left and in the upper-left corner). I can't wait to start cutting and sewing!


Christine said...

Love the fabrics - especially the bottom right. Haven't been to Madison... closest was Spooner, but I do love Wisconsin and may def. need to check Madison out just for the knitting alone.

Kristin said...

Madison is a fun town. I should also recommend a little yarn shop just outside of Madison - The Sow's Ear (http://knitandsip.com/) - as the best LYS if you do decide to visit.

Jen said...

I love Stitcher's Crossing!! I go there with my MIL and SIL at Christmas every year.

Kristin said...

Lucky you! It really is a cute shop and has the best fabric selection around. Their yarn section is also very nice.

Too bad I'm travelling over Christmas or we could meet up.