Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On Wisconsin!

We're big University of Wisconsin fans at the Briney household. It's hard not to be when we've been living in Madison for over 5 years and both have degrees from the University. And seeing as we're in the Rose Bowl and it's Christmastime, I thought my husband could use a new piece of clothing to show off his Wisconsin-love to the world.

This hat was constructed as a two-stripe helix from some leftover bulky yarn (for more on helical knitting, see this post). If the colors were not enough to shout 'On Wisconsin!', I cut out our 'motion W' logo from two pieces of felt and used embroidery floss to sew them to the hat. I really love the look of the felt on the knitted fabric.

It's really not that difficult to add a pretty little touch of felt to a knitted item. Here are a few notes on what I did:
  • I cut the W freehand, though you could easily trace a shape onto the felt before cutting.
  • Use a pair of sharp embroidery shears to cut with as they make clean cuts in tight spaces.
  • Use pins to secure the felt to the knitted fabric as you sew.
  • Work with 3 of the 6 floss threads at a time.
  • Sew through both pieces of felt and the knit fabric using backstitch, working about 1/8" from the edge of the top piece.
With a little extra effort, I was able to produce something that both the husband and I love. U-Rah-Rah Wisconsin!

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Unknown said...

Love the hat! Great job on it! I love the simple addition of the W, it makes it look very professional.

But... the team that his jersey represents can go...! :)