Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I recently realized that I've been knitting a lot less since I finished grad school last October. My blog posts attest to this: I've only blogged about 5 finished objects in 2011. What's funny is that I now have more free time but I'm filling it with reading, exercise, and all the other things that normal people do. It's been wonderful but I do miss sharing actual knitted objects with you. So let me attempt to fix this problem with a promise to knit more and a photo of an actual finished object:

These are my little imps from the pattern Daphne & Delilah, which is just about the cutest design I've ever knit. I made them smaller than usual, with DK yarn on size 1 needles, but I think that makes them even more adorable. I particularly love their little faces; Rebecca Danger was onto something when she dreamed up these little monster teeth for her designs.

I don't knit many stuffed animals, but I'm starting to get a sense that they're really hard to part with. The imps, in fact, are joining my only other knitted toy in the too-cute-to-give-away pile. I hope this isn't a permanent trend, as that will soon make me the owner of a magical menagerie of creatures. Quick, some one have a baby so I am forced to part with one of these adorable toys!

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