Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Tsumami Kanzashi Follow-Up

I had such a good response from my post about kanzashi that I wanted to update you on some new projects. First of all, let me say that a friend of mine who is familiar with Japanese culture informed me that the proper term for these flowers is 'tsumami'. Apparently kanzashi only refers to the hair ornaments, though it seems to be the term that most western crafters have adopted for these flowers. I will try to use the term tsumami from here on, so as to be correct as possible.

Since I posted last, I've been making more fabric flowers using the templates. I even took the templates to knitting night with friends, which went over well. I don't expect to get tired of these any time soon.

The other thing I've been working on is paper tsumami. This is particularly a way to deal with the junk mail we get every week, particularly those hated Shopper Stoppers. First of all, let me state that the templates do not work well with paper. Instead, I followed the folding instructions laid out in 'Kanzashi in Bloom' to make paper petals.

The only petals that seem to work well in paper are the rounded petals. The other petals are too flat because the paper creases so easily, though the rounded petals need a little manipulation by hand to get the final effect. Still, I really like how the flowers look, especially the small ones. Who would have guessed that these are made from sales fliers?


Jen said...

Those are really gorgeous!! I love the variation in color you get from the recycled paper ones.

Kristin said...


I was happily surprised by how well the colors worked out in the paper flowers. Since each petal takes such a small amount of paper, it wasn't to hard to get a matching flower out of a generic sales flier ad.


Elizabeth said...

Ooooh! These are so pretty! I must copy you.

Kristin said...


You must copy me? This is going to be trouble. ;)

Speaking of copying and trouble, we haven't blown anything up in the lab for a while...