Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Coraline Progress

It's a busy week here at the Briney Deep. I've had a couple big assignments due for class and I'm looking forward to being in my sister-in-law's wedding on Saturday. Luckily, I've had something mindless to work on to keep me from getting too stressed.

I've made a lot of progress on the new body of my Coraline sweater, especially because I can knit in stockinette and read for class at the same time. Thank goodness for multitasking or I would never get any knitting done.


Anonymous said...

I am loving this sweater even more with each update.

Helga Marie Bee said...

my initial reaction after you made the Mod reaction was "how could she", "its perfect" WWYT" what would ysolda think? my new response, is that is INCREDIBLE!!!
Let me know when your ready for a test knitter!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I need this modification!!!!!

Anonymous said...

those mods might be the only way I could reasonably knit this sweater and wear it. Totally stealing the idea when I get to that project :-) Also, it looks adorable on you so far.

Dina said...

very pretty, but I have to admit I have no idea how you can knit and read at the same time, so my hat is off to you!

Kristin said...

Helga and Christina-

There have been quite a few modifications to this sweater, but the main one was knitting the yoke from the bottom up then picking up stitches and knitting the rest of the sweater from the top down. That has allowed me to reknit the body and sleeves.

My initial modifications are listed here and I'm keeping track of the latest mods on this page.

Hope this helps makes sense of everything I've done to this sweater!

Kristin said...


As for knitting and reading at the same time, that comes with practice. I've been knitting for 10 years and by now my fingers know what to do on their own.

jen said...

I think you should post this variation on Ravelry. I love what you've done to it!

Kristin said...


My notes are up on Ravelry. You'll want to read about my initial modifications and then my latest modifications to get a true sense of what I've done.

I hope my notes help!