Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Celebrating 10 Years of Knitting

Last month marked 10 years since I first learned how to knit. In that time, I've written 9 patterns, made over 10 adult sweaters, and knit countless socks, hats, and shawls. It's amazing to see how far I've come since making my very first project: a garter stitch scarf in Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn.

Honestly, I think the best thing about reaching this milestone is that knitting is so automatic to me now. I can knit while holding a conversation, while watching TV, and even while reading a book. That last skill has been especially convenient this week, as I've had a huge pile of reading for my coursework. I think that starting a sock was the only thing that saved me from giving up on my textbooks and wandering off into the depths of the internet.

So after 5 days of reading, I am well on my way to having a finished sock. I'm not sure if that's a testament to the speed at which I knit or the sheer volume of reading I've been assigned this week. One thing is for sure, I'm much happier reading this (often dry) material with sock yarn in hand.


lunaticraft said...

I'm always amazed when I find out people can read and knit at the same time. That's multi-tasking I simply have not mastered yet.

Congrats on your milestone, and good luck with all the reading!

Judes said...

I'm really glad you brought this up and I'm curious to hear your take on this.

I, too, have a ton of reading for my coursework, and take short knitting breaks pretty often (simply to reward myself for getting through the volume of readings assigned).
When I'm reading fiction, especially an ebook, I knit as I read. But with coursework, I find that I need to underline or make notes in the margin too often to be able to knit and read simultaneously. Have you noticed an effect upon note-taking/underlining while you knit?

Steven Fireson said...

Congratulations on reaching 10 years! In January I reached my first year. I'm desperately trying to learn to read and knit at the same time. I love to read, but I find that I choose to knit more often than to read. Not only do you (almost) have a sock but you can make XML arrays too! Congrats again! Happy Knitting. -Steven

Kristin said...


I'm not much of a note-taker, except in class. Honestly, I get much less distracted when I'm knitting while reading that even if I do need to take notes, I'm still more productive in the long run.

I'm also all for the reward system. It's been getting me through all my homework this weekend.


Kristin said...


Knitting and reading takes practice and the proper pattern. I recommend trying on some garter stitch and going from there. How you hold the needles and yarn may also make it easier or harder to knit while reading.

And I'm pretty excited about the XML too. It's been super interesting to learn!


Anonymous said...

I think it has been more than 10 years since I taught you to knit. But I'm glad you have learned to read in the meantime ;) I remember knitting a lot of sweaters for you when you were a child.
I should have responded to your pen kit. I'm amazed that you can do that. How do you? Gma

Anonymous said...

I keep coveting that shawl in the picture every time I see it! I'm spinning up some of my hand-carded Jacob fleece in a natural creme color and plan to make a Lehe square shawl (from "Knitted Lace of Estonia" book) with it, and seeing your shawl just makes me want to finish all the more!

Kristin said...

Kounting Sheep-

That is going to be an amazing shawl, especially with the handspun. I can't wait to see how it turns out!