Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wire Wrapping, Part 2

As expected, I am still in the throws of wire-wrapping fever this week. I made two pairs of earrings using some of the techniques learned from my Craftsy class. The first pair (below) is made from these amazing Swarovski Briolette pendants and I set them using a simple wrap around the top of the bead. I'm not usually one for Swarovski crystals, but these beads make some truly lovely earrings.

The other pair of earrings (below) is directly based on one of the Craftsy class projects. The project covered everything from constructing the chandelier support structure to creating the ear wire. You know, sometimes it is really nice not to have to think too much about things and just follow instructions verbatim. Especially if you end up with pretty jewelry at the end.

With two more projects complete, I think my wire-wrapping fever has just about broken. I still have some ideas for projects I want to make, but I'm getting inspired to work on other things again. So expect to hear about fiber crafts again next week!

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Desiree said...

I love the blue earrings! They are beautiful!
Lets plan on knitting in the chem building this fall! I am looking forward to it :)