Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Husband's Cap

My husband's birthday is today. It's one of those quiet birthdays with no big round number to celebrate, so we just did a few fun things over the weekend with his parents. Despite the quiet festivities, I've been looking forward to finally giving him his birthday gift. (I'm really terrible at keeping secrets from him so the suspense has been killing me.) I made him a newsboy cap!

The pattern is from the book Hat Shop, which I blogged about previously. The cap was a lot of fun to make and I particularly enjoyed working with visor board for the first time. I love making hats: they're quick to sew up, don't require many materials, and are great-looking accessories. And given the amount of visor board I now own, it's probably a good thing that I like making caps.

Husband likes his cap and I, personally, think the cap makes him look even more handsome that usual. So the next question is: how many caps do I have to sew before hats come back into style?


Abby said...

I think hats are totally in style. So, if you wanted to make one for me, I wouldn't complain.

Kristin said...

If you want some visor board to make a hat or two, I'd be happy to send you some. I certainly have enough.

I do plan on making more hats, but I have to get through this crazy semester first. Come January, I'm going on a sewing binge.