Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Christmas Crafting Revealed

Now that all of the Christmas presents have been sent and received, I can finally reveal what I was working on in that blurry photo from November: earrings! I got on a wire-wrapping kick and made 6 pairs of earrings.

The earrings were made from turquoise beads, Dumortierite drops, and some gorgeous Swarovski Briolette pendants. I absolutely love these Swarovski pendants--they're the perfect shape and they catch the light brilliantly.

In addition to the pile of earrings, I sewed up a silk bow tie for husband. It was the perfect sized project for how busy I was this fall--plus, husband looks great in bow ties. I made this one using this tutorial and one of husband's old bow ties as a template. So now I have a bow tie pattern that I can make adjustments to for later use!

So that was my Christmas crafting. Not bad for being so busy, but I hope to craft a little more for next Christmas.

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Melissa said...

Bowties are cool! (Sorry, I couldn't help my Whovian self.)