Sunday, December 10, 2006

It Is Not A Myth...

... You can actually return unused skeins of yarn to the yarn shop. I discovered this fact for myself today, when I returned 3 skeins (wow, did I overestimate). I was hoping to get the money back for some Christmas shopping, but no, I got store credit. I guess that I will just have to put it towards some of that Malibrigo I was drooling over.

Besides returning the skeins, not much exciting stuff is happening in knitting land. Still working on Andy's hat. Probably going to frog it and restart it. Still spinning the Merino. Woohoo.

Next week will be brighter. I have a knitting date with Jane tomorrow, and am going to the Elizabeth Zimmermann exhibit with Karen on Monday. It is wonderful to have knitting friends!

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