Sunday, August 12, 2007

4 Rows = 1 Movie

A typical conversation from my house this week:
Fiance: Are you ready to go out to dinner?
Me: Sure, let me just finish knitting this row.

20 minutes later

Fiance: What is taking so long, aren't you done yet?
Me: Almost, I only have 150 stitches left to go. Give me another 10 minutes, okay?
Fiance: 10 minutes?! You promised we'd go when you finished your row.
Me: I know! I'm not done yet.

Needless to say, I'm back at the Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan. It was a little tedious for while when I could do about 4 rows in the time it took me to watch a movie. But then I divided the sleeves, and it has been going much more quickly.

In the meantime, it has been traveling with me everywhere (the movies, ultimate frisbee games, road trips). While this is conducive to adding inches to the project, it leads to things like the Starbucks Coffee Incident, which, besides making me want to cry, turned out to be relatively fixable. I think.

Of course, since I'm working full-speed on the cardigan again, I should mention that the Endpapers are finished! I can't wait for the Fall to wear them, though I know that cold weather will come soon enough to Wisconsin. I could not be happier with how these turned out; they are one of my favorite projects to-date.

Pictures will go up soon. I'm in the middle of moving to a new apartment right now, so I have a few other things to worry about before I get to the blog pics. Thanks for your patience!

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