Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Is it sad that since my last post over 2 months ago, I have only finished 1 of the 3 projects I blogged about? Let's just say that the white period was very short-lived.

Nothing against those projects, but what I should really be making right now is something light and summery. Cotton meets tank top meets tropical vacation. And Coachella fit the bill exactly.

It didn't hurt that my mother took me to a new yarn shop, A Tangled Tale, and graciously offered to buy me a few skeins of this gorgeous cotton called 2nd Time Cotton. Not only is this stuff beautiful, it's also recycled from industrial waste. I'm a grown woman, but I'm not going to turn down an offer of free yarn from Mom!

And as further proof that the stars aligned for this project, I finished it while on vacation. In Cancun. Just in time to wear it and take the awesome beach photos seen here. I especially like the next photo which shows the neat design for the back of the top, in addition to my super awesome sunburn. Yay for being pale.

This was my first time working with cotton, and I would have to say that it turned out well. I still think that I prefer wool, but it was the right yarn for this project. It just means that I can't wear this top much longer, give the impending Wisconsin weather. Maybe it's time I get back to knitting socks...

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LizKnits said...

Coachella looks great! I just printed that one out the other day and have been thinking about it. Glad to see another cute example as a motivator!