Sunday, September 07, 2008

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool

I went to my very first sheep & wool festival this weekend, over in Jefferson, WI. My mother put me on to this festival last year, but I did not have anyone to go with. This year, however, I teamed up with my friend Mary Beth, who works in my department. This is her below, deciding what her roommate would say if she brought home a sheep.

It was a fun day for the both of us. We walked around the 2 vendor barns, pet an angora rabbit, helped corral some sheep (seriously), drank root beer floats, and watched a trainer teach a dog/owner to herd sheep. Besides the ice cream, I purchased some gorgeous white alpaca roving to spin and some lovely Olive green sock yarn from Knitting Notions. Mary Beth successfully kept me from purchasing a darning egg and a set of Signature needles. Yet another reason to go with a friend to the sheep & wool festival.

After the festival had ended for the day, we met up with some fellow knitters from Ravelry. It was nice to put some faces with user names and even the knitters I have never met felt like old friends. And I won a skein of hand-dyed yarn as a door prize!

So, it was a very successful day and I'm looking forward to doing it again next year. In the meantime, I have plenty of yarn to play with at home (or so my husband keeps reminding me).

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