Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Uses for Old Tea Tins

I drink a lot of tea. So much so that I might be considered, well, a tea snob. Some people drink wine, others coffee, but I am ever in search of that perfect cup of tea. While on this quest, I've collected a number of teacups, teapots, and tea tins along the way. It's pretty obvious what to do with the first two items, but what do you do with those extra tea tins once you've drunk all that tea?

So, I'm taking a little break from the knitting today to share with you some creative uses for extra tins or decorative boxes you happen to have around.

Pens & Pencils

A reasonably sized tea controls the usual chaos that surrounds these writing utensils. Plus, I get to look at that pretty Chinese mountain scene when I am having a bad day at work!

Paperclips, Rubberbands, & Pushpins

I like to use my short and squat tins for my other office supplies. This enables me to easily find the item I am looking for without having to dig through a pile of pushpins. Eek! And this tin has apparently become the haven for loose change, which is another great use for a spare tin.

Scissors, Knitting Needles, & Other Craft Supplies

This tall Octavia tin lives on my craft desk, providing a place where I can always find my scissors on short notice. I also keep my sparkly craft pens, my favorite flower pen, and a few other items in here. And if I didn't have a few knitting needle cases already, I'm sure that my needles would find a home in one of these old tins.

Tea 'Service'

This is my favorite use for an old tea tin, as it houses all of the notions I need to make my morning pot of tea. From the tea towel I use to wipe off my just-rinsed pot, to the three minute timer, to my favorite notion of all--a tea spoon that helps measure '1 cup of perfect tea'--I use this almost every day.

Or More Tea!
When in doubt, I fill those old tins with more tea, because I always seem to have plenty extra around!

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