Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spun Spun

I spent a few nights on the spinning wheel since my post two weeks ago and spun up both the warm and cool groups of roving. Though the two groups of roving were similar in make-up (consisting of light, medium, and dark blues and purples), I ended up two skeins that do not look very related.

For the warm skein I worked the purples and blues into separate singles; each starting with the lightest shade and becoming progressively darker. I also threw in a little angelina to add some sparkle. I think that the plied yarn is quite beautiful, though it is a little difficult to see the color progression.

For the cool skein, I also did a color progression, but in a slightly different way. I spun all of the fiber into one single that started light purple, got darker, turned blue, then got lighter again. I then plied this with sequins and sewing thread. This is a technique that I am sure to use again, as I had a lot of fun putting this yarn together!

Now that the spinning is finished, I realize that I'm only halfway done with this challenge. My next step is to come up with a knitting project that highlights the character and color shifts in this yarn. I estimate each skein contains only 100 yards of worsted weight, so things can only get more interesting from here!

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