Sunday, May 24, 2009

My First Swap

The internet is such a big place that you are bound to run into someone who shares your interests. For me, that small corner of the net is the Harry Potter House Cup on Ravelry, amongst other groups that I take part in there. And now, I can add the Reducio Swap group to that list!

The Reducio Swap is a Harry Potter-themed swap of very small items, including a mini-sock (hence 'reducio') and a Herbology item. It seemed like just the budget-friendly/friendly people kind of thing for me to try out as my very first swap. And I was not disappointed!

I received my little swap package from Ms. Madrigal Fairden, who also happens to live in Madison! Her mini-sock skills were impressive and I was delighted to receive some mistletoe for Herbology (she assured me it was nargle-free when it left her house). It was a wonderful little package and I'm glad to know another knitter in Madison.

And since this was a swap, I sent a little package to Ms. Minerva Pigwidgeon down in Florida. I had a lot of fun putting everything together and knitting up the mini-sock. But perhaps I am most proud of the Herbology item--a Guide to Rare Wand Trees. I cut felt in the shapes of Elder, Holly, Hawthorne, and Yew leaves, each representing a wand that Harry comes into 'possession' of during the series: Dumbledore's, his own, Draco's, and Voldemort's, respectively. Not only was the crafting fun, but it made me happy in a really geeky way.

So, the first swap was a very good experience and I'm thinking about signing up for the next round of Reducio!

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