Sunday, August 09, 2009


I'm proud to show off my first knitted FO of the summer!

It wasn't until sitting down to write this post that I realized the last time I finished a knitted item was May! For all of the crafting I've done and creative ideas I've had this summer, hardly any of it was knitting. And as much as I love embroidery, needle felting, and sewing, it still feels nice to knit.

Part of the drive towards completion was due to the great pattern, Ishbel. Not too simple, not too large, interesting and beautiful enough to keep my attention during these warm summer months. Done in kettle-dyed Araucania Ranco Solid in mauve, the resulting scarf is really lovely. If it wasn't 90 degrees outside, I would consider wearing it all week.

I hope that you enjoyed this little knitted item, because next up on this list is cross-stitch then sewing! I'll be back next week to show off what I'm working on, even if it is not on my usual type of needles.


Unknown said...

Your Ishbel is beautiful! The pattern is so elegant looking. And that yarn is very lovely! Although I don't want the cold weather quite yet, I do hope it cools enough for you to wear soon! :)

crochetgurl said...

Your Ishbel is gorgeous! I'm seriously considering making one now too. :-)

By the way, in the picture where you wear it as a scarf, how do you keep it stable and closed in the back?

Kristin said...


Actually, I was able to wrap it around my neck and it kept fairly well in place by itself. Thanks for your nice comments (and you really should knit this pattern, it's wonderful)!