Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacation Crafts

I'm spending the week in Montana at Glacier National Park, but all you get is this post on the crafts I took with me. I promise there will be beautiful pictures when I get back!

My main project for the road is a cross-stitch portrait, done in three shades of gray. I'm not going to tell you whose potrait I am stitching until I at least get the face done, but I will give you a clue that is a Nobel Laureate. You may now call me a geek.

I've also packed a knitting project because I always take a knitting on the road, ever since I discovered that I could knit in the car without getting carsick. Socks or a sweater are usually a good choice for this, but I'm going to make another Ishbel. I really enjoyed knitting the first one and absolutely love wearing the finished product around the house. I just hope that this new one won't permanently smell like campfire.

Last-minute edit: Ysolda just came out with a new shawlette, Damson, which is just beautiful. I'm throwing another skein of sock yarn in my bag and will make up my mind about which to knit first when I'm on the road.

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Unknown said...

Hope you had a great vacation!