Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Getting Crafty and Cozy

The holiday spirit is beginning to pervade the house. Husband is loving his Advent calendar and, with the addition of a Christmas tree to our apartment, we’re really starting to feel festive. It doesn’t hurt that we got snow last week (though I’m certain that it will be May before I see grass again). At least the snow made for a nice backdrop during our outing to the cut-your-own-Christmas-tree farm. That's me below, taking my turn with the saw (in a hat that may look a bit familiar).

The other holiday celebration that brought both DH and I lots of cheer was St. Nick's Day. I always wanted to do this as a child, but it wasn't until I married a Catholic that celebrating this Saint's day became a reality. Basically, you set out a pair of shoes on the evening of December 5th and wake up the next morning to find presents inside them. Husband got a new Wii game and I received this beautiful tea wallet, in addition to some candy and chocolate. To add to the cuteness of this mini-holiday, our 'shoes' were a pair of child-sized clogs that I found at an outdoor market this summer. I'm seriously debating painting them red for next year's St. Nick's Day.

And yes, that is yet another Ishbel you see in that photo. I knit it mostly over Thanksgiving out of my 'free' ball of Cashmere-Silk yarn, Filatura Di Crosa Superior. It is just as light and airy as you would expect, and incredibly soft. I just love this pattern, and in combination with this yarn, it will be the perfect thing to wear to some upcoming holiday parties.

I'd love to hear what you do to bring joy to the month of December!

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Unknown said...

You and your hubbie are adorable! I love the idea and may ask my SO to celebrate St. Nicholas Day next year!

And your knitting is always so beautiful, I love your new Ishbel.