Monday, January 18, 2010

Franklin Habit

I forgot to mention this in December, but I attended my first Madison Knitter's Guild Meeting last month. I don't have enough free time and money, being a grad student, to become a regular member, but it was still interesting to attend the meeting.

There were a lot of knitters there. I'm not sure if that is normal or they all came to see the speaker Franklin Habit. If you've never heard of Franklin, stop reading this right now and go check out his blog. Seriously, go! I'll wait...

...Back now? Entertained? Good! I've heard Franklin described as the funniest man in knitting (which he thinks is like the honor of being the tallest building in Deleuth). His talk definitely lived up to my expectations and I even learned a few things about historical knitting.

Since I was at the meeting with my friend, we could not resist snapping a photo of us with Franklin. Overall, it was an enjoyable evening and I will now be using the phrase, 'a pain in the kazoo', in my daily vocabulary.

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Elizabeth said...

And check out the Vivian, too!